Sandboxie is a unique security software that creates isolated environments, or "sandboxes", for running applications. This isolation prevents applications from making permanent changes to your system, providing an extra layer of protection against malware, unwanted changes, and potential security threats. Let's review the main features and answer common questions about Sandboxie.

Key features

  1. Application Isolation: Sandboxie isolates applications from the underlying system, ensuring that any changes made in the sandbox remain only in that environment.
  2. Web Browser Security: Users can run their web browsers in a "sandbox", providing a safe space to surf the web and preventing malicious websites from affecting the system.
  3. Program testing: Sandboxing is widely used to test potentially dangerous programs or files in a controlled environment, minimising the risk of damaging the real system.
  4. Enhanced privacy: By running applications in a sandbox, users can maintain a higher level of privacy because any changes made during a session are deleted after the sandbox is closed.
  5. Resource management: Sandboxed applications consume fewer resources because their impact on the entire system is limited to the sandbox.

User-friendly interface and experience

Sandboxie features a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create and manage sandboxes. Easy integration into the Windows operating system makes it accessible to users with different levels of technical expertise.


Sandboxie, developed by Sophos, is a robust solution to enhance the security and privacy of your digital activities. With application isolation, web browser protection and resource management features, Sandboxie offers users a versatile tool to create a controlled environment for their applications. Whether you want to securely test programmes or add an extra layer of protection to your web browsing experience, Sandboxie offers a convenient and effective solution to protect your digital environment.